4 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for a Tough Minneapolis Winter

Nov 7, 2023 | Blog, Minneapolis, Winter Roof Maintenance, Winter Roof Preparation

Is your roofing ready for the tough Minneapolis winter? As a homeowner, it’s vital that you are well-prepared for the upcoming winter months and that your house can effectively protect you against the cold weather.

So, what are the best ways to prepare your roof for the winter months? In this article, we’ll dive into 4 tips to help you winter-proof your roofing just in time for the upcoming snow season. 

winter roof maintenance in Minneapolis

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection 

The first tip is to schedule a professional roof inspection with a local company. Having a professional roofing inspection done on your home is a great way to find and address the main issues before the winter comes. You may find that your roofing has been damaged over the summer months due to storm damage or even just the summer heat.

This damage can range from broken and missing shingles to loose granules, mold, rust, leaks, water pooling, damaged gutters, and dented metal roofing. It’s important that you find a local, reputable, and professional roofing company that will give your roof a thorough inspection and be able to help you find a reliable and personalized solution for your residential roofing needs. 

Ensure Proper Insulation & Ventilation 

Have you been noticing irregular temperatures in your house? Before it gets too cold, it’s a smart idea to ensure that your home is properly insulated and ventilated. Having a professional inspection done will help you evaluate if there is more insulation that should be added that will help you regulate your home’s temperature, reduce your monthly electric bills, and ensure that you will stay warm during this upcoming winter season in Minneapolis. 

winter roof preparation in Minneapolis

Maintain Gutters & Clear Branches 

The winter months can bring a lot of melting ice and snowstorms. Due to this, your gutters must be properly installed, regularly maintained, and able to effectively channel water away from your roofing and prevent costly damage. Cleaning your Minneapolis gutter system and downspouts of all the debris and leaves will help your gutter system remain unclogged and prevent it from overflowing and causing ice dams. 

In addition, trimming overhanging branches will help prevent them from falling on your home in Minneapolis and causing costly damage. Safely remove any weak branches or overgrown foliage near your roofing and home. 

Have an Emergency Plan 

It’s always a good idea to have a plan in place if you sustain any emergency damage during the winter months. Make sure that you gather storm damage resources from your local government in Minneapolis. You can often find online guides on ways to prepare for various types of storms through your local government’s emergency management page. It’s also a good idea to have a local roofing company in mind that you know has experience with storm damage repair and restoration in your city. 

Keystone Roofing and Restoration: Your Local Roofing Expert

The Minneapolis area experiences hail storms, heavy winds, and snow, and it’s important that your roofing can adequately protect you during the winter months.

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