Design Trends: Homeowners in Maple Grove Love These 7 Roof Colors for 2024

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Selecting the perfect roof color is crucial for boosting your home’s curb appeal and overall look. Maple Grove is renowned for its charming and delightful neighborhoods and homeowners are favoring contemporary, fashionable roof colors to set their homes apart. Keystone Roofing and Restoration, a top local roofing company, provides various color options to make your home stand out.


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Classic Charcoal

Classic Charcoal maintains its timeless and sophisticated allure, remaining a preferred choice among Maple Grove homeowners. Its versatility suits various architectural styles, making it an ideal option for both traditional and contemporary residences. The subdued elegance of Classic Charcoal evokes a timeless feel, enduring the years gracefully with proper maintenance.

Rustic Brown

Drawing from Maple Grove’s natural scenery, Rustic Brown has surged in popularity. This warm, earthy tone harmonizes with homes featuring wooden elements, imparting a rustic charm. Beyond its seamless blend with the environment, Rustic Brown effectively conceals dirt and debris, ensuring a consistently beautiful appearance throughout the year.

Coastal Blue

Homeowners in search of a vibrant and daring option will find Coastal Blue an excellent choice. This captivating color injects a refreshing burst of blue into Maple Grove’s skyline. Coastal Blue beautifully complements coastal-inspired homes, adding a hint of nautical charm to properties aiming for that aesthetic.

Slate Gray

Slate Gray’s clean and modern allure has garnered significant favor among homeowners. This chic, contemporary color perfectly suits minimalist and modern architectural styles, crafting a polished and sophisticated appearance. Additionally, Slate Gray efficiently reflects sunlight, enhancing energy efficiency in the process.


popular roof colors

Desert Tan

Capturing the desert’s warm tones, Desert Tan stands as a top choice among Maple Grove homeowners aiming to evoke a cozy, inviting ambiance. Its soft, warm hue harmonizes effortlessly with diverse exterior colors, showcasing its versatility across different home styles. Particularly favored in lush, green neighborhoods, Desert Tan creates a captivating contrast that appeals to many.

Colonial Red

Perfect for those seeking a bold statement, Colonial Red radiates elegance and charm. This striking color choice beautifully complements traditional homes, accentuating their architectural details. Choosing Colonial Red allows homeowners to make a powerful visual statement, elevating their home’s curb appeal to unparalleled heights.

Autumn Blend

Blending the richness of autumn hues, Autumn Blend presents a seamless fusion of reds, oranges, and browns. This warm and inviting color harmonizes perfectly with homes nestled in scenic landscapes. Beyond complementing nature, Autumn Blend emits a welcoming ambiance bound to captivate guests and passersby.

Embarking on the quest for the perfect roof color for your home? Consider the seven popular options highlighted earlier. Whether you lean towards the timeless Classic Charcoal or the lively Coastal Blue, there’s a roof color to match every preference and style.

At Keystone Roofing and Restoration, we recognize the importance of selecting the ideal roof color to achieve your home’s desired look. As a leading roofing company in Maple Grove, we take pride in offering top-notch roofing solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Our team of seasoned professionals is poised to guide you toward an informed decision, elevating your home’s beauty and value.

Set your home apart in the neighborhood by choosing a roof color that reflects your unique style. Count on Keystone Roofing and Restoration to bring your vision to fruition, ensuring your home radiates beauty and resilience for years to come.


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